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About Us

Mission To collectively break the cycle of unawareness in the lives of youngwomen and empower positive change.

Vision 4Bidden's vision is to partner with young women in order to counterbalance their current situation; to facilitate change and help refine their mindset one woman at a time; to promote growth and create a new outlook for future generations by breaking the cycle and eliminating the status quo.

Our Program Getting Over Social Stereotypes Is Possible ( G.O.S..S.I.P) GOSSIP was introduced with the cure purpose of reaching our teens with a open dialogue discussion on subjects such as communication skills, drug abuse awareness, identity, media, sex, peer pressure, bullying, relationships, and finance. GOSSIP will be based on an interactive approach geared to active participation in role play, exercises and sharing discussion openly.

Program Highlights  One on One and group interaction  Monthly activities with mentor group  Educational Programs Community Involvement  Available at local community centers