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About Us

The Nottingham Counselling Service (NCS) are a registered charity offering appropriate accessible counselling, therapy and psychological support to people living in the City of Nottingham and East Midlands. Our primary goal is to improve both mental and physical health, by relieving distress and sickness associated with emotional, personal, marital, family or related problems. At present we work face-to-face with individuals by building their skills and strategies to overcoming problems whatever they may be. For the future we are considering online support in order to increase reach and accessibility to our services. The charity has a traceable history dating back to 1875 and we have been operating since 1977 as an independent local counselling service provider.

A Non-Executive Board of Trustees runs the organisation and the directors are actively involved in strategy and policy development. NCS is quality assured by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) as an accredited counselling service. At the time of writing, the charity employs 45 active Volunteer Counsellors. A paid team of senior clinical practitioners provides supervision, professional advice and continuous training and developmental support, which enable the Counsellors to practice safely and ethically. We constantly encourage our service users and volunteers to be involve with the organisation and provide feedback about the services.

The organisation offers highly specialist counselling services for people with complex and enduring mental health problems, which are beyond the scope of the standardized treatment offered by the current NHS Talking Therapy Services (IAPT). On average our clients attend 33 sessions and receive 309 day of continuous support.

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