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About Us

Kirana Productions empowers human rights advocacy and support through documentary filmmaking and workshops built around those films. Kirana collaborates with local NGOs to spotlight human rights issues, in Asia with a focus on Burma and in the USA.

Kirana is the Pali word for "Light." Kirana Productions captures emotionally charged images created by light in film and photography to shed light on issues of injustice. Our team of production, media and human rights professionals works with local organizations to amplify the voices of communities affected by social inequity, discrimination, racism and human rights abuses. 

We offer seasoned field expertise in Southeast Asia, and a network of long-term partnerships with local NGOs, community groups, and activists in the region, particularly in Burma. We also work with non-profit organizations in the United States that focus on informal education and leadership development for low-income and marginalized youth.  We train youth in creating digital media about their lives as well.

We believe that personal stories from those less heard from in societies empower both those who share their journeys in the telling – as well as audiences who view our films. Our productions strive to move people's hearts who, in turn, use their knowledge of human rights issues to take action on a local, regional or global level.

We have decades of experience creating documentary films. The main objective of our work is to use the films as tools for change. We plan and deliver strategic distribution of films for advocacy and education through media outreach, speaking tours, and online platforms.