Rio de Janeiro


About Us

CALLE means "street" in Spanish. CALLE believes that the streets of a village, city or of a country are a clear reflection of the necessities and injustices in which a society lives. CALLE fills the streets in the world that have to deal with violence and poverty, with what its letters represent: -Corazón (heart) -Alegria (joy)- Luz (light) -Libertad (Freedom) -Educación (Education). CALLE sees this struggle as a revolution. CALLE exists to strengthen, help, and to motivate people to make their community, their country and their own life better.

CALLE wants to be much more than just an organization or a project, CALLE seeks to reach beyond international borders and unite people and communities to build a new nation “The Nation of the Streets of the World”. That among streets, independently of where they are; barriers, borders, social or racial differences no longer exist. That all streets become one, and the problem of one becomes the problem of all of them. There is no street like any other, because each street is a unique street just like every human being is a unique human being.