The Global Sound Project

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About Us

The Global Sound Project is a non-profit organization that supports the collection and distribution of sounds collected all over the world. Our mission is to promote cultural awareness and international collaboration through the sharing of everyday sounds. We also seek to collaborate with other non-profit organizations so that we can use music and sound to make a difference in the world.

The Global Sound Project's "map" displays sounds on a map for users to stream, download, and to use in their personal artistic ventures. The Global Sound Project is a worldwide collection. While other sound maps offer short sound clips, The Global Sound Project embraces the possibility of collecting lengthy sounds so that these sounds can be manipulated and used by theatre artists, sound designers, musicians – anyone who needs realistic sounds can find them here.

On this website, you can not only search by location, but you can also search for specific sounds and see where these sounds have occurred around the world. The Global Sound Project strives to support the research of sound and music as catalysts for social change and for cultural development.