Nkong Hill Top Common Initiative Group

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About Us

OUR MISSION: We are a Cameroonian Community-based Organisation (CBO) dedicated to improving livelihoods of the rural and urban underprivileged and marginalized, especially women and youth. We provide access to micro-financing, capacity-building, agricultural resources through a participatory and partnership approach, with local, national and international organizations involved in community development projects.

OUR VISION: We strive for a world in which human dignity is protected from the ravages of poverty, ignorance, discrimination, and violence.

WE VALUE: Dedication to community, service, accountability, equity for all, peace, transparency and acting ethically.

OUR MAIN GOAL: Improved socio-economic status of the rural and urban underprivileged and marginalized population especially women and youths.

The vast majority of people engaged in small scale agriculture here in the South West region of Cameroon, , especially women, reap low returns from their investments due to poor technical and business skills, and access to land and credit. This hinders the sustainability and expansion of their businesses and impacts negatively on their livelihoods, keeping them in a cycle of poverty.

At NCIG, we focus on two primary areas in order to help people achieve sustainable and flourishing businesses; agricultural development and microfinance. With an emphasis on gender empowerment and with a dynamic and knowledgeable staff , NCIG endeavors to improve the socio-economic status of the SW Region, one success at a time.


Agricultural Development

Aimed at improving agricultural outputs and implementing sustainable energy alternatives, NCIG offers a variety of agric and business trainings, and partners with local and government programs to bring better resources to farmers. We are also leading the way in finding better ways to power our communities by developing alternative sources of energy and cooking fuel.


Concentrating on women in small business operations, NCIG provides access to small loans with a built in savings component. We also help educate widows, community service organizations and farmers on their economic rights, including land inheritance issues, widows rights, and advocacy opportunities. With a 98% payback rate within microcredit programs and a growing consciousness about economic issues, NCIG participants are not only improving their own lives but leading others with their examples.


NCIG was registered on December 20, 1996 as a Common Initiative Group N°SW/GP/01/96/207 under the COOP/CIG Provincial Registry with the Ministry of Agriculture, in compliance with Law N° 92/006 of August 14, 1992 relating to cooperative societies and common initiative groups and its decree of application N° 92/455/PM of November 23, 1992. It is a non-profit, non-governmental community-based organization operating in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. It opened its first office at Campaign Street, Great Soppo, Buea in 1998 with Josephine ‘Nkong’ Tita as the first volunteer staff member.