International Conservation and Education Fund

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About Us

The International Conservation and Education Fund (INCEF) is an American 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the concept that a commitment to strategic communication is a prerequisite to positive changes in attitudes and behavior regarding the nexus of wildlife conservation, public health and economic development in underdeveloped and/or overly exploited areas of the planet.

INCEF's approach focuses on the use of locally produced and disseminated video as an educational tool to foster improvement of the health and well-being of human and wildlife populations. We do this by:

• Building capacity among local media professionals and emerging filmmakers to produce quality digital productions in local languages that are culturally appropriate

• Building capacity of local education teams to disseminate these videos and measure impact

• Analyzing impact measurements of our outreach to understand the efficacy of our efforts and to adapt production and dissemination plans to fit the needs of the communities we serve