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Who are the Painting Pirates Club? (PPC)

The PPC was started in October 2011 by visual artist Rose Robin, founder of the Non for Profit “The Quintessence Project.Org” (QPO), based in France. The QPO brings artists together internationally to preform, exhibit, and teach.
“We have worked on group murals with schools and organizations for the handicapped for the past seven years in USA and France. We have now started the PPC in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.”

What has the PPC done in La Paz so far?

With 15 to 30 children and adults painting almost every day since October 2011 we have painted two murals each over 1 KM long.

We have given the residents of the 'Arroyo de concreto, el esterito' a unique opportunity to paint the walls of their neighborhood, to make them into their own.

Newspapers and television news broadcasts have helped spread the word about 'The Painting Pirates Club' to the La Paz residents. People with the heartfelt and innate need to express themselves, La Pazians and tourists come to el esterito to paint and interact with the locals. I have also seen photographers using the painted concrete river for photo shots on more than one occasion.

But that's not all we are doing:)

With the donations we receive we will be buying a potable film projector! We have already been sponsored for a high quality portable sound system!

We will soon be showing Latin American films and artistic documentaries, for free, in the Arroyo de concreto, el esterito, and other disadvantaged areas.

It is important for the Mexican youth to know about and see the richness of their culture, to be inspired and proud.

A proud Pirate holding up his sister.

In this video you see Valentines day with the Painting Pirates:

What do you mean by disadvantaged people?

They don't have any of the things most people take for granted: Hot water, Computers, Cell phones, etc. They never go out to dinner, or a nice drink in a bar, they have no connection with art or any means to express themselves.
The people who live in Arroyo de concreto, are primarily fisherman families, many of whom have lost their jobs and fishing permits since the big fishing corporations moved in only 40 years ago. They now face social exclusion and many, including the children, fill their day with drug and alcohol indulgences. The drugs the kids take are principally meth, cannabis, and sniffing glue.

How are you helping by donating?

1) By teaching this people to express themselves you are giving them the courage to go after their dreams. One small nudge in the right direction.
2) The media coverage helps them to feel a sense of self-worth.
The elitist social circles, which have grown out of the tourist industry, don't like the undesirables disturbing the tourists. Most of the disadvantaged and poor people stick primarily to their ghettos which the tourists are advised not to go to.
3) You inspire the kids to believe, by being involved and belonging to their own club.
When your father is out of the job, or is working several jobs for hardly any money, it is easy to assume that no matter how hard you work, because for where you come from, you will never achieve your dream... so why try? Many of the kids I paint with sniff glue and take other drugs; when you give them something else to do for 6 hours, it makes a difference.
By funding this project you are giving them hope, making a difference in their lives and brightening up their world.

Cintiha painting, the name of a donator 'Richard Shannon' who asked for the 'Your name up in paint' perk.

In this video you see the children painting 'Your name up in paint' which is the $30 perk:

How can I help the PPC if I don't have money?

If you like this project and think you know of others who will be inspire to help fund our cause please help us network by sending our info to your friends and your friends friends. Just click on the share buttons; it's as easy as that :) If you like us tell your Facebook friends. Thank you so much for your help!These two videos are other events organized by the QPO None for profit: In this video we are working with the APF - Association of the Paralyzed in France In this video we are working with the Children of the Mangle with the association NOS


We hope you consider this project a just cause, and will help these people express themselves through art. Your contributions will provide the materials we need to work with La Paz's disadvantaged neighborhoods.
On the behalf of the none for profit QPO and The Painting Pirates Club
Thank you.
To see many more videos about the Painting Pirates Club please follow this link:

Who are the Painting Pirates Club? (PPC)

The PPC was started in October 2011 by visual artist Rose Robin, founder of the Non for Profit “The Quintessence Project.Org” (QPO), based in France. The QPO brings artists together internationally to preform…

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  • Revolución #2425 interior, Local 4 y 5, entre Marquez de leon y Legas, La Paz, BCS 23000, Mexico

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