Hour Children Community Outreach and Food Pantry

  • NY


36-41 11th Street (inside parking lot)
Long Island City
United States

About Us

Hour Children, a non-sectarian organization, located in Long Island City and Astoria, provides comprehensive services to children and families of women who are currently or formerly incarcerated in New York correctional facilities. We also provide services to the wider community through our Community Outreach and Food Pantry. The mission of Hour Children Food Pantry is to provide food packages and other support services, referrals and resources to the general public. One our primary goals is to increase the quality and the amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables distributed through our food pantry. The clients we serve through our community outreach programs are of diverse ethnicities and ages, many are immigrants. Our community is home to 12,000 low-income families. They are males and females primarily low-income and poverty level households with multiple issues including disabilities, mental illness and little to no formal education. We are experiencing about a 40% increase this year over last year in those seeking food assistance. Hour Children Community Outreach and Food Pantry (HCCO) provides referrals for needed services and assists participants in applying for SNAP benefits (aka Food Stamps). Cooking demonstrations and tastings are help numerous times a year to increase awareness and teach new techniques for eating leaner and healthier foods. Nutrition education and recipes are part of every pantry with the fresh produce we receive during the spring/summer season through the HPNAP/Just Food Local Produce Link Program. We just completed our 4th season in the program. We also participate yearly in LPL farm trip bringing 15 community residents and pantry participants. We were recently awarded the 2011 Local Produce Link Pantry of the Year. Lastly, we are also the host-site for the Long Island City Community Supported Agriculture.