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About Us

BOB BERGEN Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in North and South America,Central Europe,Africa and Asia. We are Incorporated in different Countries .

We are group of Volunteers who dedicate ourselves to empower vulnerable people stuck in the poverty cycle regardless of gender, race, creed or political beliefs in the poorest regions of the world through the design and implementation of effective programs with meaningful impact using three key strategies: The power of Communities, energy of Volunteers and equity of Donors.

What We Do

Bob Bergen Volunteers inconjuction with partners run community centers, shelters, rescue centers, orphanages, homes for elders, health care facilities, schools and others, and also executes international volunteering activities, community projects, health care projects, a youth counseling radio show and others that are coined to improve the lives of vulnerable people stuck in the poverty cycle regardless of gender, race, creed or political beliefs in the poorest regions of the world.

Bob Bergen involves the whole community by empowering and promoting the economic welfare and social status of children, youth, elders, people affected by HIV/AIDS, OVC, displaced people, families and communities living in poverty to know their potential and break the cycle of poverty.

We place volunteers/interns from all over the world in our volunteering/Internship Programs located in different countries of USA,Africa, Europe,South America Asia. We currently have volunteer opportunities throughout USA,Canada,Germany,Switzerland,Greece,Vietnam,Peru,Haiti,Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia, Cameroon, Ghana, Ethiopia,Zambia,South Africa,Burundi, South Africa, India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Romania & China. The network continues to expand with new programs currently being assessed & designed in different continents.

Bob Bergen Volunteers/Interns have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of work, including charity & social work, entrepreneurship, conservation, humanitarian relief, internships, education and training, HIV/AIDS, counseling, assisting refugees and displaced people, community development, women’s empowerment, caring for children and others. They can work in orphanages, schools, clinics, communities, refugee camps, nature reserves and villages.

Our Beginnings

BOB BERGEN was created in 1999 by Late Bob Bergen and a group of Former volunteers after visiting Asia and Africa; they were able to watch the hard reality of the “forgotten continent” and the hardship the children, Youth and mainly women were undergoing through.

They discovered a world that they could never be able to turn their back on. They returned to USA with the purpose of packing everything they had to permanently establish themselves in Africa/Asia and help vulnerable kids and youth.

They are stationed in East Africa to serve people living in the slums .They are convinced that the best way to respond to the Youth/Children's needs was to start a community Youth-based care (YBC) program to cater for them. Their strategy included training volunteers from the community to serve fellow community members within slums in Africa and Asia through home visits and referral to established schools and other facilities for their survival.

In 2000, we started International volunteering by partnering with other organizations and have grown to be one of the leading volunteering organizations in the world, based in USA and other countries around the world thus managing to support our own projects and start income generating activities.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where vulnerable people affected by poverty, disease, disaster and civil unrest can break the cycle of poverty by being enlightened to fully develop their potential and live meaningful lives through empowerment and social inclusion with the support of Communities, Donors and Volunteers.

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to empower vulnerable people stuck in the poverty cycle regardless of gender, race, creed or political beliefs through designing and implementation of effective programs with meaningful impact so that they can know their potential and achieve it in a sustainable manner through the best possible integral wellbeing by promoting social inclusion, upholding honesty and accountability using three key strategies: Power of Communities, energy of Volunteers and equity of strategic Donors.

Our Core Values

1. We Believe in the Power of Communities & Local Initiatives

We enable the capacity of individuals, families and communities to work together to transform the conditions that promote their physical, emotional, social, economical, environmental and spiritual wellbeing to become self-sufficient. We promote the use of local resources, valuing the local knowledge of those with whom we serve. We are aligned with the idea of local solutions to local problems by committing ourselves to listening to the concerns from local communities and work with those whom are in the best position to determine their needs as we provide resources to help them achieve their goals.

2. We Apply a Self Sustainable Approach

We emphasize actions that address long-term development needs and achieve self sustenance in all our projects by establishing sources of food, natural resources, initiating income generating activities (IGA’S) and others. We not only intent to provide immediate needs but to empower and enable skills for independent life functioning.

3. We Honor the Value of Cooperation

We build partnerships to achieve common goals by recognizing as our partners: the communities, volunteers, donors and supporters who share common commitment to promote healing among individuals, families and communities. We promote unity participation, cooperation, resource-sharing integration among all people and groups.

4. We Enable Equity and Social Inclusion

We believe that everybody should have equal opportunities to develop and live a meaningful life, regardless of gender, race, creed or political beliefs. We encourage individuals from all walks of life to help us create a healthier world for all people.


5. We Pursue Excellence

We achieve excellence in all we do through research, planning, design and implementation of effective programs with meaningful impact that maximize resources. We select measurable goals and objectives to accomplish our plans.

6. We Uphold Honesty and Accountability

We recognize that the financial and material resources with which we work are not ours, but have been entrusted to us for use in alleviating the suffering of others. We commit to managing these resources with high-efficiency and the maximum benefit of those we serve by accomplishing internal and external accountability standards and effective distribution and provision of donations while ensuring that resources successfully make their way to the intended recipient.

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