Guardavanti: per il futuro dei bambini- ONLUS

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About Us

Guardavanti: per il futuro dei bambini – ONLUS” (literally, Look ahead: for the future of children – NGO) is an Italian association that seeks to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable development.
Thanks to the cooperation of many volunteers, interns and experts coming from different areas of the world, we have acquired a multicultural character. We believe that we can grow up and add value to our work only encountering, opening and confront with each other. Infact, we are 70 members from 8 nationalities who live in 5 different countries. Among them, we have a group of faculty members and other specialists that help to conduct our activities professionally.

We take advantage of the contribution of well-known organizations and trustworthy persons in order to guarantee that our financial contributions will arrive where they are needed.

We do not belong to any religious, political or ethnic group.We consider cultural differences an opportunity, because they allow confrontation, discussion and opening to the others

In particular, we have a feeding program for children in Tali, in South Sudan. In Zambia, we are starting with students’ sponsorship programs in the south. In Tanzania, we collaborate with a project of hand-made jewelries produced by Maasai women and commercialized in Italy. In Rwanda,in collaboration with Variopinto ONLUS we support the Atelierde Couture Nyampinga of Tumba for the recovery of vulnerable girls and the Centre for street children Intiganda di Butare. In Bolivia, we sustain the medical expenses of Juan Daniel, a 7 years-old child who received a kidney from his mother.