End With Care

  • Massachusetts


241 Country Club Road
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About Us

End With Care is an educational resource that provides and promotes public, professional and institutional awareness regarding end-of-life issues. We collect data and present information about end-of-life resources that assist individuals, their loved ones and caregivers to better address these difficult subjects. Along with valuable end-of-life related topics and information, End With Care’s central focus is to provide a comprehensive, interactive directory of end-of-life care and service providers, organizations and related agencies serving communities throughout Massachusetts.

The reality of death and the final days leading up to it are daunting topics for most people and the need to find and coordinate care affect increasing numbers each year. As information and necessary resources are often difficult to find, End With Care has an opportunity to provide an important service for :

  • Individuals in need of end-of-life care
  • Family members, caregivers, care arrangers/decision-makers
  • Statewide end-of-life care and service providers

Helping to navigate a difficult time, circumvent problems, plan for and locate resources, and make better use of the limited time remaining. We strive to provide a path for individuals and caregivers to a more positive vision and a more dignified passage through the last days of life.

Our goal is to provide a bridge between those who are in need of help and those who can provide care services and support.

Through information, access and communications, End With Care will contribute to enhancing the quality of life, at the end of life.