Hillcrest Jewish Center

  • NY


United States

About Us

The Hillcrest Jewish Center seeks to foster love of Judaism and of the Jewish People and to inspire our membership to do “Tikkun Olam” - making the world a better place.

Our Goals:

To forge connections among congregants, with our spiritual leaders; with neighboring congregations; with the larger Jewish community; with Israel; and with the non-Jewish world, particularly those in our own community. To excite and inspire the unaffiliated; To provide warm, welcoming and meaningful religious services; To embrace our congregants at times of need; To enrich our Judaic knowledge; To enhance our ritual observance and performance of mitzvot; To be a central meeting place for cultural, social, political and recreational activities. Vision:

To continue as a landmark Conservative Synagogue serving the diverse Jewish population of Queens, with a solid financial base of endowment funds to ensure our ability to maintain our mission and meet our goals in perpetuity.