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About Us

Cooking Shouldn't Kill.

Each year open cooking fires kill eight times as many people as malaria.

The most dangerous activity a woman in the developing world can undertake is cooking for her family. Smoke exposure from open cooking fires causes four million deaths-primarily women and children-each year.

Bringing Clean Cookstoves to the World.

StoveTeam International promotes safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves to replace dangerous open cooking fires in the developing world.

We work with motivated, talented entrepreneurs in Latin America to establish locally owned and operated factories that sell and distribute the Ecocina clean cookstove. By giving local entrepreneurs the tools, business training and education they need to succeed, they become leaders in the production and marketing of fuel-efficient stoves in their community. Through sustainable factories we provide jobs, addressing poverty and unemployment.

The Ecocina Saves Fuel and Cuts Emissions

A safe, portable, and clean cookstove

Ecocina stoves:

-Reduce burns, respiratory, eye and skin problems

-Reduce carbon emissions and particulate matter by 70%

-Reduce wood use by over 50%

-Are built from all local materials such as concrete, pumice and low-fired tile

-Provide local jobs in sustainable factories

-Are adapted to local cooking methods

-Are portable and quick-cooking, requiring no installation or chimney

Dr. Larry Winiarski, the world famous designer of the original fuel-efficient “rocket elbow” stove (now the standard design for fuel-efficient stoves worldwide), designed the Ecocina and is a member of StoveTeam’s Advisory Board.

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