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About Us

NATIONAL SYMBOL advocating the arts & bringing art education to under served communities

Company Overview

ArtSee vehicles are a pioneering program to bring art and art education around the country through specially designed mobile art laboratories. Since 2005, the Mister ArtSee project has brought exhibits, lectures, videos, presentations and classroom activities to thousands of all ages around the country and by doing so, has become a national symbol for art and art education.


Mister ArtSee’s mission is both simple and vital: to provide a new way to experience art; to bring art, art awareness and art-education to people of all ages and locales while providing a new venue for artists to explore. Both a work of art and space for art, this phantasmagoric vehicle is fully customizable, designed for versatility and jam-packed with artistic points of interest. Mobile, adaptable and accessible, Mister ArtSee travels throughout the city as well as the tri-state area and has been invited around the country. Mister Artsee brings art experiences to neighborhoods, venues and populations not typically served by traditional art institutions. Liberated from such institutions, it transcends cultural boundaries —be they economic, ethnic or geographic. Yet, it also functions within more conventional arenas, offering a unique alternative to the art world’s entrenched system of patronage and presentation. Mister Artsee has an artistic, intellectual, communal and social impact. It inspires both artists and viewers to rethink conventional forms, spaces and institutional practices. Indeed, Mister Artsee redefines traditional notions of the “art community” by going where no gallery or museum can, gaining access to people and places not typically included in that community. This enables the project to have a broad social effect, one which extends beyond the narrowly defined art scene. For Mister Artsee, the art world is boundless, art’s reach infinite. Mobile, adaptable and accessible, Mister Artsee achieves what traditional institutions cannot. It visits communities that have little exposure to contemporary art, holds classes in art appreciation, conducts outreach programs, and is a locus of creative activity. The mobility and flexibility of Mister Artsee permits it to expand horizons and traverse boundaries, opening up possibilities for art — both in terms of form and content.