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About Us

Imagine a world where our leaders are honorable and authentic. Where government is beholden to regular people, not to moneyed interests. Where elected officials speak to constituents as real people and not just as a means to an end. We do here at Open Progress.

While our vision is idealistic, our approach is pragmatic. We cut through the clutter of

traditional communications (mailings, robocalls, TV Advertising) by harnessing modern ways of reaching people: on-point social media and human-to-human texting powered by staff, volunteers, and candidates alike. We help build digital coalitions that inspire people at the local and district level to act in real life.

By lowering the costs to build an engaged audience, we make it possible for progressive leaders to stay grounded and stay in touch with all of us. We make it possible for our leaders to emerge from all walks of life because, frankly, they don’t need to raise such vast sums of money to support a ballot

initiative, start a new non-profit, or run for local elected office.

Come help save democracy with us as we Open Progress.

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