Semillas Para El Futuro

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About Us

Founded in 2006, Semillas Para El Futuro is a 501(c)(3) headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and is the parent organization to the non-profit Semillas Para El Futuro: Guatemala. Semillas USA performs the functions of fund-raising, communications, financial administration, contract management and oversight. Semillas Guatemala is the on-the-ground organization which provides education and other services principally in the community of Chocola, Guatemala with the goal of helping that community and making it a demonstration community and learning center for other communities in the region. Semillas is pursuing an innovative integrated approach includes three main programs: (1) community library and learning center for children and women which includes leadership and democracy training for adults involved in the other programs; (2) food security and nutrition through family gardens and; (3) economic reform via agricultural programs such as added-value intercropping of cacao and other native trees that produce better cash crops and are friendly to migratory birds. More can be learned about Semillas Para El Futuro at . The program is supported completely by private donations. We also welcome applications for volunteers for 3 or 6 month (or longer) assignments. Volunteers must be fluent in Spanish, with skills in agriculture, education, democracy training, basic business training or building rennovation.