American Indian Child Resource Center

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522 Grand Avenue
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About Us

AICRC is a nonprofit, social services, youth services, and Indian education agency guided by the mission of preserving and promiting the integrity and culture of urban Indian children and their families. Governed by a voluntary Board of directors comprised of American Indian members who are knowledgeable about historical and contemporary issues facing American Indian families, AICRC has grown and thrived over 38 years. AICRC currently provides services in the greater Bay Area, Sacramento County and surrounding counties with a focus on the City of Oakland for the youth services and education programs.

The well-being and preservation of the American Indian family and extended family is vital to the cultural integrity of the American Indian community. American society is enriched by the existence of American Indian culture, traditions, and values. By providing social services, community support and education, AICRC helps families prosper with resilience and strengths that promotes success for our Native youth.