Belize Bird Rescue

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About Us

To encourage empathy for and awareness of the importance of the preservation of indigenous birdlife by means of education, conservation, enforcement and rehabilitation.

Belize Bird Rescue is the country's only avian rehabilitation centre. We are an NGO and a non-profit and operate under licence from the Belize Forest Department.
Our primary focus is on the rescue and rehabilitation for release of parrots caught up in the illegal pet trade of wild-caught birds. We also assist the Forest Department with their licensing and minimum standards programme for captive birds, and provide help and advice to licensed owners to ensure their bird lives a happy and healthy life.
We deal with all species of birds: injured; orphaned; downed; abused; neglected or imperiled -  from the smallest hummingbird to the magnificent Jabiru Stork and everything in between.
Our goal is always to rehabilitate and release.