The League of Amazing Programmers

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12625 High Bluff Dr
San Diego
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About Us

The League of Amazing Programmers is an after-school program that teaches real Java to kids starting in the 5th though 12th grade. Through our 10-level curriculum, kids can start from basics and advance to the CS AP exam and ultimately take the Oracle Certified Associate exam.

Our organization is enriched by the volunteers who bring their first hand knowledge and experience to the classroom. Classes are small (usually 8 kids or fewer with one or two advanced student TAs as helpers) and run for 90 minutes.

We believe that we are the only school in the country teaching professional grade Java to kids this young. Come and join us in this amazing, fun adventure. We offer scholarships and are working to reach more underserved families.

Check out our short video at to get a feeling of what we do.