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About Us

Climate Feedback is creating a new form of interaction between academics and journalists with the goal to increase accuracy in science reporting. Climate Feedback specifically aims to help Internet readers distinguish inaccurate climate change narratives from scientifically sound and trustworthy information.

We organize a worldwide network of scientists from prominent research institutions, to use the new web-annotation technology developed by the non-profit Hypothesis. It allows scientists to provide their insights and analyses directly alongside the original text, creating a layer of comments over the article that can be easily shared. Scientists also provide a simple article-level credibility rating, so that readers can instantly assess whether they can trust what they are reading.

Annotations are designed to help journalists improve the accuracy of their coverage by providing them with connection to relevant scientific information and experts.  Evaluations are discussed and explained in blog posts hosted on the Climate Feedback website. The website also ambitions to showcase the scientific credibility of newspapers, authors and editors based on the record-track of their articles’ accuracy.

Climate Feedback has already attracted strong media interest (the project has been covered in eg The Guardian, NPR, the Columbia Journalism Review, Forbes), and enthusiasm from the general public (the project reached the front page of Reddit last summer as a result of users’ upvotes).

Join us to help enhance the credibility of information on the Internet!