International Student House of DC

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1825 R Street, NW
United States

About Us

International Student House (ISH) of Washington, DC provides an exceptional residential experience to a highly diversified international community of graduate students, interns and visiting scholars. The House promotes intercultural dialogue, encourages life-long connections and fosters global citizenship.

Founded in 1936 as a friendly refuge for students from culturally diverse backgrounds, ISH has grown over the past 75-plus years to become an in-depth experience in international living, creating greater empathy among people of different races, cultures, religions and social backgrounds. Over 10,000 individuals representing more than 130 countries, including the United States, have passed through the doors of ISH since our founding. ISH strives to be the model international community and is "soft diplomacy" at its best. With our 'instant community and support system', we provide an unparalleled alternative to students arriving alone in an unfamiliar city.

Essential to our mission are our facilities. ISH is a complex of three buildings located in the dynamic and vibrant neighborhood of Washington's Dupont Circle area. The main building, a 100-year-old Tudor-style mansion, offers elegant public spaces for study, relaxation and social interaction. Our residents are high-caliber academics on leadership tracks in their own countries leading to successful careers in government, private-sector businesses, the media or non-governmental organizations. ISH strives to instill a spirit of international cooperation and open exchange of ideas from which residents will benefit in their future careers.