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About Us

<code>“The Brazilian Atlantic forest is the most endangered forest in the world. The biodiversity value of this natural habitat is unique. The Foundation aims to help save the Brazilian Atlantic forest. It’s our mission. It’s your commitment too. ”- Anne Fontaine</code>

<code>The Foundation’s mission</code>

<code>Founded in 2011, as a nonprofit organization, the Anne Fontaine Foundation is committed to restoring forestland in Brazil by concentrating its means and initiatives in the Atlantic rainforest, also know as the “Mata Atlantica”. Therefore, the two main priorities of the Anne Fontaine Foundation are to protect trees and to create seed-nurseries by supporting local initiatives.</code>

<code>Anne Fontaine’s story and core values</code>

<code>Anne Fontaine, half-Brazilian and half-French, was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. As far as she can remember, she has always been sensitive to the environment: as a teenager she took off on memorable adventures in the Amazonian and Atlantic rainforest. Living for 6 months in the Canela Indian tribe, this life-changing experience taught her how to appreciate nature and how to find a balance between her adoration of the environment and the protection of it. This inspired her lifelong commitment to the conservation of the environment.</code>

<code>A corporate ethical commitment</code>

<code>The global headquarters of Anne Fontaine company based in Honfleur, France, has taken many steps to become “green”: sensors have been set up to turn off the lights when there is enough natural light available, hand dryers have replaced paper towels. Plastic use has been cut down: employees only use glass cups, silverware, and paper bags. The warehouse recycles more paper and cardboard. The company has also recently set up a new program to reduce plastic use in all stores. The Anne Fontaine Spa’s line of products is certified “organic” with the French label Ecocert.</code>

<code>In order to reach its main objective, the Foundation wishes to promote awareness on the necessity of protecting and planting trees in Brazil. It is committed to support and reinforce sustainable activities and corporate social responsibility.</code>