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The intentions of Brockwood Park School, stated in Krishnamurti's many public talks and books, can be summarised as follows:

- To educate the whole human being

- To explore what freedom and responsibility are in relationship with others and in modern society

- To see the possibility of being free from self-centred action and inner conflict

- To discover one's own talent and what right livelihood means

- To encourage excellence in academic studies

- To learn the proper care, use and exercise of the body

- To appreciate the natural world, seeing our place in it and responsibility for it

- To find the clarity that may come from having a sense of order and valuing silence


Founded by educator, philosopher J. Krishnamurti, in 1969, Brockwood Park School is situated in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, 60 miles southwest of London. With around 65 students, aged 14 and over, it has the feeling of a large multi-cultural family rather than a boarding school. There is an atmosphere of friendly equality and, as in any family, young people and adults help with the day-to-day decision-making and care of the grounds and buildings. Working together in this way nurtures a spirit of responsibility, co-operation and affection.

Learning about oneself and others is enhanced at Brockwood by having an international body of students from about 25 different countries. This mix generates a distinctive culture in the School, one that is not the result of any particular national or ethnic perspective. It also provides excellent opportunities for students to learn other languages and make friends from around the world.

Brockwood maintains a low student to staff ratio in classes, which helps to optimise attention, communication and learning. Students take part with teachers in planning their individualised study programmes, and sometimes creating their own classes, thus ensuring that they feel genuinely involved in the process of learning.


Krishnamurti (1895-1986) had a passion for inquiry and the pursuit of truth. His numerous books explore the nature of human consciousness and the possibility of its transformation through inquiry and insight. Krishnamurti engaged in dialogue with many modern thinkers, commentators, politicians and scientists, including Aldous Huxley, Iris Murdoch, Ivan Illich, Bernard Levin, Indira Gandhi, and David Bohm. He maintained that if young people learn to see how they are conditioned by race, nationality, religion, tradition and beliefs, they will discover for themselves how to be fully intelligent human beings.

Concerning life at Brockwood, Krishnamurti said, “We are learning together. That is real co-operation, that is real community. That demands natural affection, care, attention”.

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