The Salvation Army - Seattle Temple

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9501 Greenwood Ave N
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About Us

The Salvation Army: it's s a name familiar to just about everyone. But, there is so much more to The Salvation Army than meets the eye! In every community where you find The Salvation Army, you will discover a ministry that is unique. And yet, the same mission drives us all: to actively reach out to others in the name of Jesus Christ, and to introduce each one to a loving relationship with God.

With its ministry located in North Seattle, The Salvation Army actively seeks to fulfill that mission right here in Seattle We have a growing Church congregation, with ministry groups and activities available for practically everyone! Cultivating a real relationship with Jesus Christ is at the center of all of our fellowship groups. We invite you to not only worship with us on Sundays, but to connect with other Church members through fellowship in one of our weekday ministry groups. Take a look at our monthly calendars, as well as the description of our various programs to see what interests you!

Our community outreach is vibrant, with our helping hundreds of families each month with food, clothing, rental assistance, as well as housing and job placement. It is our passion for each person we assist to realize their value in the eyes of God, and to encourage them to look past their current situation with hope

Whether it's through volunteer work or through involvement in our Church and fellowship activities, we encourage you to become part of The Salvation Army in Seattle. You are always welcome!