The Generation Project

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Six Main Regions: NYC, Wash D.C., Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco

United States

About Us

As an educational philanthropy that allows donors to become actively involved in their giving, The Generation Project has three goals: (1) Generate ideas to benefit low-income K-12 students, (2) Generate new philanthropists by actively involving donors in the giving process, and (3) Empower the next Generation by harnessing the ingenuity of individuals to improve educational opportunities. By providing complete creative control over donations, we allow donors to share their passions, priorities and expertise with low-income students. The opportunity to actively engage in the creation of donations will draw new donors particularly young donors into educational philanthropy.

The Generation Project is focused on harnessing the ideas of you, the donor, to expand opportunities for high-need K-12 students. We hand over the creative control so that you can personally expand educational opportunities for low-income youth. Our community-oriented platform promotes interaction between students, education professionals, and new and seasoned philanthropists alike. We host an online network that allows you to Generate ideas and utilize your passions and experiences for the benefit of future Generations. Education is much more than textbooks or school supplies. By using your own passions to create your gift, you can help shape the future.

Through The Generation Project, donors get to design and fund gifts to benefit America's high-need K-12 classrooms, and teachers claim the pre-funded opportunities that most inspire their students. The Generation Project transparently implements each donor's vision in a Title I public school and shares photos of the donor's direct impact through a personalized philanthropist page.

The Generation Project was founded in 2009 by Jessica Rauch and Eli Savit, then 26-year-old former schoolteachers who taught in the Bronx through the Teach For America program. The organization currently serves high-need schools in Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Washington, DC, New Orleans, and the San Francisco Bay Area.