Rural Women's Advocates Carlton County Sexual and Domestic Abuse Program

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About Us

Rural Women's Advocates (Carlton County Sexual and Domestic Abuse Program) is committed to providing support, legal and personal advocacy, prevention and intervention for victims of sexual and domestic abuse, and to create public awareness of sexual and domestic violence in our community.

The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Advocates and volunteers will maintain a toll-free emergency on-call service for victims of abuses.
  • Emergency shelterig/ housing for victims and their children.
  • Emergency advocacy during forensic examinations.
  • Legal advocacy - both criminal and civil court.
  • Assist in filing Orders for Protection and Harassment Orders.
  • Attend court appearances with our clients.
  • Provide transportation to court hearings and necessary appointments.
  • Facilitate the "Women in Transition Group" on a weekly basis.
  • Work collaboratively with law enforcement, hospitals, social services, child protection, HDC, schools, and other county agencies with intervention and prevention of violence.
  • Safety planning.
  • Provide public education in the schools and community.
  • Maintain the Domestic Abuse Information Network (DAIN)- tracking the criminal and civil court cases pertaining to domestic and sexual abuse.
  • Provide opportunities for volunteers and interns.