Santa Clara University: School of Education and Counseling Psychology

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500 El Camino Real
Loyola Hall
Santa Clara
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About Us

Guided by strong dedication to academic excellence and service to society, the School of Education and Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University educates compassionate, competent, and ethical professionals committed to meaningful and supportive engagement with people, schools, and communities.

To that end, the School’s graduate degrees, credentials, and continuing education programs pursue the following learning goals:

  • Embracing a professional ideal that encompasses educating the whole person who respects people from all ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds as well as of various genders, sexual orientation, ages, or abilities;
  • Gaining professional competence through advanced knowledge, theory, research, and practice;
  • Using conscience, guided by professional ethical standards, to improve self and society;
  • Developing compassion to promote social justice and to serve others, especially those in greatest need; and
  • Fostering a commitment to leadership and lifelong learning to transform lives, schools, and communities.

As faculty, staff, and students in this School, we seek to create a community of learners within the context of a Catholic and Jesuit University mission dedicated to the rigorous pursuit of truth, determined to develop professional excellence, and devoted to promoting social justice for the common good.