Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society(KISES)

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About Us

Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society (KISES) is a voluntary, Secular, Non-Profit organization has its Regd. Office in Khammam and Admn. Office in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1999.

KISES is formed by a group of women, which include women activities, social workers and educationalists. The members of the society are all experienced in the field of social development have come together as Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society only to give their voluntary services without expecting any monitoring benefits with the only vision of bringing hope to the hopeless, deprived, neglected and weaker sections of the society in Andhra Pradesh state of India irrespective of Caste, Class, Creed, Religion, Colour and Gender.

It’s committed to the promotion of marginalized groups such as dalits, tribals, landless, agricultural labour in the District of A.P., India. KISES initially launched its journey in development sector in 1999. Since its inception, it has been playing an important role in social development. It is mainly engaged in changing the status of the disadvantaged people, especially dalits and tribals, minorities, tortured women, widows, adolescent girls, children, orphans, outlaws, blind, deaf & dumb, children at risk and senior citizens, special focus has been given to the Empowerment of Women through awareness generation, education, health care, sustainable activities, income generation, formation of youth clubs women self help groups, emergency relief in the villages of Khammam and Krishna districts of Andhra Pradesh, India

Our approach is participatory and partnership with the target communities and network with the local NGOs, CBOs, Schools, Government and Donor agencies for better implement of our activities. We are promoting social, economic, educational, health and environmental and short-term emergency relief activities to the poor and needy people in rural villages of Khammam and Krishna districts for the last 7 years with limited resources. We are seeking cooperation, partnerships, networks and financial resources from Donor organizations and Philanthropists from all over the world to support our activities to develop poor communities especially children and women in Khammam and Krishna districts, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Any clarifications, need information feel free to write us we are happy to respond.

Regd. Office, Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, 507 001 India

Admn. Office: #54-20/9-10A, Thimmarusu Street, Srinagar Colony, VIJAYAWADA-520 008, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Contact Person: Mrs. Suram Rajani

Phone: 011-91-866- 2541720, Mobile: 094405 73842