Peace River Refuge & Ranch

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PO Box 1127
2545 Stoner Lane
Zolfo Springs
United States

About Us

The animals that come to our sanctuary are given a permanent home. They are not sold, transferred or given away. They are not used for breeding; we simply protect them from harm. We see to it that their medical, nutritional, and emotional needs are well taken care of. With help from our supporters, we are able to provide permanent habitats for these animals on our 90-acre compound.

There are many other kinds of facilities who keep exotic animals, including zoos, breeders, exhibitions and parks, pet owners, placement or adoption shelters, and even hunting ranches. These facilities are distinguished from sanctuaries in that their income is derived from the animals they have. Sanctuaries, by their very nature, can derive little if any income from the animals.

We try to provide the largest natural habitats for each animal that resides at our facility at all times and educate the public on the need of conservation of the wild counterparts of the animals who call our sanctuary home.