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About the Freedom Trail Foundation

The Freedom Trail Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to marketing, promoting and preserving the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile trail that leads to 16 of the country’s most significant historical landmarks. The Sites are not adaptations or re-creations, they are real, and each one played a pivotal role in America’s rebellious beginning – familiar events such as the Boston Tea Party, the

Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s ride, the Battle of Bunker Hill – and the growth of the

young nation. Marked by a red brick path or a painted red line, the Trail weaves its way through Boston’s proud past in the midst of this vital, modern city. The Freedom Trail Foundation also offers educational programs for students and teachers; and engages in underwriting capital projects at the Freedom Trail sites through the Freedom Trail Foundation Preservation Fund. Please visit for further information or call 617.357.8300.