The Professional Women Roundtable

  • Lagos


45 Ademola Street


About Us

The Professional Women Roundtable (PWR) is a personal development platform for young professional women which in this context, includes women who run their own businesses. Our target audience are women in the mid 20s to late 30s age bracket. We are currently in our fifth year of existence.

Our objectives are to

·        Provide opportunities for personal development through group coaching/mentoring to inspire our members to step out of their comfort zones and fulfil their potential.

·        Help them recognise and also create opportunities, and in turn maximise those opportunities for personal growth and development.

·        Empower members so that each one putting her ‘best foot’ forward, can transform her own space and ultimately contribute to the change we all desire to see in our country Nigeria.



What We Do

Each month, PWR brings women together to listen to inspiring guest speakers, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to network. We work in small groups – aiming for a max of 20 – in order to achieve an intimate and ‘safe’ environment where people can open up and speak freely. This has proven to be very effective.

Check us out on Instagram on @myPWRoundtable