Espacios Pares




About Us

Espacios Pares is a Colombian non-profit organization with the mission to contribute to the creation of a just and equitable society in which all persons have access to the full exercise of their rights, through community outreach, technical assistance, and research, all aimed at benefiting collective interests and those of marginalized, displaced, discriminated against or vulnerable groups. Espacios Pares was created in April of 2007 and one of its main goals is to provide Know Your Rights (KYR) information to promote the effective exercise of people's rights, especially low-income populations. A group of experienced attorneys and engineers founded Espacios Pares with the common concern of addressing the existing obstacles in the Colombian system to access justice. The goal of its main project "CIUDADAN@ SOY", is to draft and distribute free KYR information for the public, using accessible language, through a web-based community. This will facilitate the full exercise of a person's rights by focusing on providing assistance to any person needing guidance on their questions, issues or needs, and who does not possess legal knowledge.