Girls' Academy of Newark

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About Us

Girls' Academy of Newark Mission Statement:

Innovatively curating the education of young women in intermediate and secondary levels of learning, Girls’ Academy of Newark is committed to fostering a love of education and academic excellence through the liberal arts.

Technologically versed, our students will navigate the world confidently; unbound by social constructs or stereotypes. Limitless, our young ladies will delve into liberal arts study that stretches their imagination, builds upon their curiosities and fosters their ambition.  

We pride ourselves in building a community  providing a safe place where girls learn to see beyond social boundaries, instructing them to courageously confront reality, and directing students to contrive methods to overcome any obstacles.

At ease beyond their borders, our students leave us equipped with the academic excellence to provide the foundation from which they grow, curiosity to spark their intellect, ambition to nurture their passion, honor to keep them grounded, compassion to effect change in the world around them and resilience to buffer their journey.