Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement

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About Us

Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement is a non-profit organization with independent chapters branches in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Kenya. It is a growing global volunteer initiative working on alleviating poverty, hunger and disease in Africa. Each country is a local, independent entity working toward specific goals on the issues of poverty, hunger and disease.

The mission of AYM is to bring people and resources together to reverse the social and economic marginalization of Africa. The organization does this by reaching out and building coalitions and partnerships to generate resources and manage their distribution in Africa.

The specific purpose for which this organization is formed is charitable. It will operate exclusively for charitable purposes and not for pecuniary profit. It will solicit both public and private funds and where necessary, produce and sell items solely for the benefit of the organization.

AYM plays an important role in developing a global community for Africa through the Global Learning and Sharing Endeavor (GLaSE)

AYM also utilizes the arts and the humanities to educate a broader audience about Africa. The organization’s primary accomplishments thus far include the highly successful travelling art exhibit, “Representations of Violence: Art about the Sierra Leone Civil War.”

"Representations of Violence: Art about the Sierra Leone Civil War," is an important achievement within our Movement, for it presents an opportunity for people to unite in an attempt to see and improve the conditions in Sierra Leone, a partial reflection of the Africa reality. This is a prime example of what our organization does to achieve its goals of the pursuit of peace, justice, and human rights for the peoples of Africa and African descent.