The Shikuri Project - Saving From The Scourge of Sickle Cell Disease

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  1. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 50%–80% of infants born yearly with SCD in Africa die before the age of five years, which is the most vulnerable period of the disease. The disease is readily treatable, with life expectancy rates in the West (including the Caribbean) averaging above 50 years. While death is usually from an infection, stroke, or severe anaemia, the survivors suffer end-organ damage which shortens their lifespan, and they remain vulnerable to the complications of the disease. The Shikuri Project was created to implement sustainable, Chronic Health Care Management (CHCM) programmes to reduce the number of deaths and suffering of by young children with Sickle Cell Disease, in underserved communities in Kenya, and eventually East Africa. Sickle-cell disease (SCD), an inherited disorder of the red blood cells, is the most prevalent genetic disease in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). In SSA adequately trained health professionals and specialized health care facilities are unavailable, and effective medicines, and vaccines are not accessible by the majority of victims. In Kenya,the focus of Phase one of the Project, there are no well- structured care services for early SCD diagnosis and follow up in the highest affected areas. Since 60 percent of birth deliveries do not occur in health facilities, the target group is beyond the reach of health care management services. The Shikuri Project is therefore establishing a pilot project in 2 underserved communities of Kenya. I Based on the success of the pilot project, the programme will expand to other communities. A fund-raising strategy for Project operations will be developed to market the project, advocate for its goals, and access grants and expertise from Foundations, other Not for Profit organizations, Government agencies, and donations from the general public. Please join us to raise resources and implement this programme to save the lives and promote greater wellbeing of affected children, their caregivers and communities. The Website and Programme are under development. If you are interesting in donating, please contact, Gail Sealy (President) and Sammy Ngera (Treasurer),

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