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About Us

Global Volunteers’ International LGBT Volunteer Vacations and People-to-People Programs engage lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people in meaningful short-term exchanges with local partners worldwide.

Since 1984, Global Volunteers has expertly facilitated people-to-people programs worldwide, and brings this significant expertise to all LGBT Programs. Our sole focus is on authentic exchanges between LGBT people and the local community to maximize understanding and respect.

Participating at the invitation and under the direction of local consultants, staff and partners, Global Volunteers service program team members and Cuba NOW! participants engage their curiosity, generosity and compassion to help create a foundation for world peace through mutual international understanding. Working and sharing side-by-side with others from different ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religions, participants and the local community learn that ultimately, we're all more alike than different. It's in this discovery that respect and understanding naturally emerge. The result is genuine service, insight and the promotion of peace along with a true exchange of ideas, cultures and understanding.

As laws evolve to promote LGBT acceptance worldwide, we know that uniting LGBT people in service or on educational exchanges globally encourages a culture of understanding and mutual respect. The awareness of different sexual orientations and gender identities arising from community-level people-to-people efforts promotes enlightened interactions on local, national and international levels.

Additionally, LGBT cultural activities scheduled during the program provides opportunities to learn about the successes and challenges the local LGBT community faces each day. Program participants and the local community can incorporate what they learn into their everyday lives - leading to long-term friendships and partnerships within the global LGBT movement.