Parents for Peace

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1309 Beacon Street
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About Us

The issues of extremism and radicalization are often viewed through the narrow lens of national security and the criminal justice system. In reality, the rise and spread of different extremist ideologies and movements is a complex challenge that will only be overcome with the participation of all segments of society.

Parents for Peace was founded in 2015 as a non-profit alliance of families affected by extremist recruitment, former extremists, and survivors of violent extremism, whose mission is to ensure that families and communities are equipped with knowledge and practical tools to respond to concerns about all forms of extremism. We are doing this by:

Operating a national Helpline (844-49-PEACE) for people concerned about a loved one involved in extremism

Empowering families affected by extremism to share their experiences to educate the public

Partnering with experts on research with applications for prevention and intervention