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About Us

VOICE-Buffalo is a faith-based community organizing project of urban and suburban congregations. The mission of VOICE-Buffalo is to:

  • Build the capacity of people to act on their concerns
  • Create a culture of responsibility and accountability for what happens in our community
  • Strengthen and connect our institutions to their communities
  • Break down the barriers that are deeply dividing our neighborhoods, city and region

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Training leaders to engage in the public life of their congregations and communities
  • Acting locally to connect people, build public relationships, and raise and address issues in their church neighborhoods
  • Building a regional organization with the capacity to address policies that impact our lives and communitie

Our Mission The Mission of VOICE-Buffalo is to become a ‘Voice for the Voiceless” by:

  • Training leaders to engage in public life to make a difference in their communities
  • Acting locally to build relationships inside and outside their congregations that empower people to raise and address issues in their neighborhood and the city
  • Building regionally to break down the barriers that divide us and work to create an equitable distribution of economic and social resources

In 1996 VOICE-Buffalo Clergy identified congregation-based organization as the strategy for change. They realized that individuals or small groups, like block clubs or faith communities, acting alone could not act effectively to make an impact with the mounting problems facing them. This gave form to VOICE-Buffalo, formally incorporated and granted tax-exempt (501c3) status in 1996.

And Further . . .

  • We do not support candidates
  • We invest in ourselves through membership dues, grants and contributions
  • We focus on long term systemic change and we train leaders who, in turn, become active in their communities

VOICE-Buffalo recognizes:

  • Local actions with congregations and neighbors together are essential
  • Policies that negatively impact local neighborhoods must be addressed
  • Local Grassroots Organizing

In February 2003, VOICE-Buffalo implemented Project Holy Ground. Its purpose is to strengthen congregations, engage and connect people to the community and bring stability to neighborhoods.

  • July 2004 Public Meeting of 130 people call for demolishing of properties on 14th Street
  • Properties were demolished in July 2005 through collaboration with the City
  • August of 2005 a Task Force with City officials and VOICE
  • Buffalo leaders continues to work to develop a user friendly manual on housing inspections and procedures

Regional Organizing . . . increases the ability of VOICE-Buffalo to influence economic and social equity