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About Us

New York Communities for Change is one of the largest grassroots, membership-driven, community-based organization in New York.  Organizing in low and moderate income communities throughout New York State, NYCC uses community organizing, direct action, legislative advocacy to ensure that our members have a voice in the decisions that impact their communities. Over the next 5 years, we plan to run innovative campaigns that target and return wealth stolen from communities of color.

NYCC in the News:

" The Hedge Clippers, the Fight for $15, and the fight for affordable housing are the linchpins of NYCC’s strategy, three ways to answer the question of how to redistribute wealth and power back to working-class people of color. They’re examples of how one group is looking beyond the small, incremental campaigns typical of organizing in low-income communities of color, and aiming instead to actually challenge the structures of power in the city. " - Sarah Jaffe for The Nation.

Vaughn Armour, a 17-year resident of Crown Heights, is also facing down a landlord trying to buy him out. ...“He don’t realise that I’m a member of New York Communities for Change, and I know when it comes to written laws and guidelines that I don’t have to go nowhere. We have succession rights. I’ve been there for 17 years, a New York state-recognised common-law husband, and her son’s been there for 33 years. The only thing this guy can do is give us the succession papers to sign, and a new lease.” - Megan Carpentier for The Guardian.