Volunteers to Support International Efforts in Developing Africa


Mr. Timothy Kortu
Ms. Rolander Musu Hoff

P.0 B0X 2559

About Us

Volunteers to Support International Efforts in Developing Africa” is a Liberian non-profit, non-governmental organization with a regional focus. It is fully registered, incorporated and accredited by the Government of Liberia. The organization was founded in June 2002. It comprises a small core of highly skilled and experienced staff based in Monrovia, Liberia with numerous volunteers around the country and the Mano River Sub Region. VOSIED - Africa works with a wide range of partners. Our work is also made possible through the commitment of volunteers and the generous support of funders and by individual donations.

Mission: VOSIED-Africa work to promotes and facilitates sustainable development that results in equality and equal opportunities with a strong sense of ownership for all, thereby contributing to a more secure, equitable and prosperous society.

Program: VOSIED – Africa work to achieve this mission by concentrating on three priority program areas: 1. Human Right and Social Justice 2. Sustainable Development & Democratic Governance 3. Environment and Nature Resources. Geographical Focus: VOSIED – Africa focuses primarily on Liberia and the Mano River Sub Region of West Africa, although we work with others to support regional movement for human rights and social justice in Africa.