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About Us

At we turn job seekers into job creators by connecting young entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities with experienced volunteer business advisors & mentors.

Our mission is to empower underrepresented young aspiring small business owners from underrepresented communities (ages 18 to 29) at each stage of their startups’ journey by connecting them with the right business mentors and resources. We’re a highly-ambitious, nonprofit tech startup - there aren’t too many like us, we combine the pace, feel, and Lean Startup approach of a tech startup with the business model of a mission-driven nonprofit.

We’re growing fast. At, we’re centered on the opportunity to connect 11+ million underrepresented aspiring young entrepreneurs with the 10+ million professionals who want to engage in skills-based volunteering. We have multi-million dollar, multi-year backing from Accenture’s prestigious CSR initiative “Skills to Succeed” plus funding from other top corporations and world-renowned entrepreneurs. Our volunteer business advisors and mentors come from Fortune 500 companies and the community of small business owners. Over 4,000 young entrepreneurs have registered in our first 8 months, since September 2017.

We have experience. Our leadership team includes serial social entrepreneurs and nonprofit professionals. Our Co-founder and Chairman is Nicolas Cary, who is also the Co-founder and President of Blockchain, the largest digital asset platform in the world that has raised over $70M in venture funding and has over 25 million users. Our board includes Fabio Rosati, the former CEO of Upwork (one of the largest freelancer platforms globally with over $1B in annual billings) and Aubrey Flynn, VP of Digital for Sean Combs Enterprises ( We founded and run the Youth Business USA program of the internationally recognized Youth Business International network as the accredited American member.