John Howard Society of Ontario

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111 Peter Street
M5V 2H1

About Us

Mission Statement

Effective, just, and humane responses to crime and its causes.


In furtherance of its Mission, the Society:

  1. Provides for the effective integration into the community of those in conflict with the law and provides, or encourages others to provide, services to those in contact with, or affected by the criminal justice system;
  1. Promotes changes in the law and the administration of justice which will lead to the more humane and effective treatment of individuals;
  1. Promotes citizen awareness of the problems of crime and its causes, acceptance of responsibility to respond to these problems and involvement in the delivery and management of justice related programs;
  1. Promotes the fair and humane treatment of all incarcerated persons and seeks to ensure that all forms of detention and imprisonment comply with relevant legal and human rights standards.