mad dogs trust

About Us

Mad Dogs' Trust is an animal shelter based in Fort Kochin, India. Treating neglected, abused animals and sterilizing street animals. Mad Dogs' Trust is a European registered charity, founded to improve the street life of animals in Kochi, India.

Although still in its infancy we have started to make a real difference. By introducing an Animal Birth Control (ABC) program, Mad Dogs Trust aims to reduce street animal populations to manageable levels, improving quality of life for all the residents of Fort Kochi.

At our shelter, neglected and abused animals are collected, treated and returned to their original territories or re-homed where possible. Through education we aim to teach children about rabies, reducing fear of diseases will change the perception of animals and their place in society.

Mad Dogs' Trust also runs a genuine volunteer program. We do not charge volunteers who want to help us. We are ready to pay long term volunteers ie 3 months+, a salary equivalent to the amount paid to local vets, managers etc.

Anyone who loves animals and wishes to make a real difference is welcome.