Near Southeast Community Partners

  • DC


401 Eye St SE
Washington, DC
United States

About Us

We are a new community located along the Anacostia River in Washington DC the diversity of our neighborhood is a common strength that is a central condition of our community life —we are sine qua non without community diversity. Focused on the health of Anacostia River as a community amenity, community events, schools and other programs

The Near Southeast Community Partners (NSCP) is a community association. We are the first association to provide infrastructure, operational oversight for volunteer programs for Capitol Riverfront community improvements. NSCP (a Association) offers community expertise and partnerships to recruit and mobilize volunteers and contributors to support our programs.

A key objective of our Association’s work is building community social capital and neighborhood Good Will by supporting great projects coupled with volunteerism. Our good will of the Association must extend beyond the Capitol Riverfront area to neighboring communities on the Anacostia River.