Salem Farmers Market

  • MA

About Us

Volunteers are needed to set up from 1-3pm, staff the information table between 3-7pm and breakdown from 7-8pm.

Our MissionEnhance the quality of life in the Salem downtown area by providing a community activity that fosters social gathering and interaction.Provide a convenient and congenial means of purchasing locally grown or prepared food products. Support local agriculture and producers by providing a direct market or their produce and goods.

The Salem Farmers’ Market is a tradition that dates back to 1634. With it’s peak around 1930, where more than 40 vendors sold goods in collapsible wooden stalls, an estimated 10,000 people visited the market on a single Saturday. In the early 1970’s, the market ended, and the Salem Redevelopment Authority redesigned the square into what we now know as Derby Square.