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About Us

The vision of Judi’s House is a world where no child has to feel alone in grief.


In order to achieve this vision, Judi’s House is committed to providing comprehensive, innovative services for bereaved youth and families at Judi’s House as well as in school- and community-based bereavement groups throughout metro-Denver and beyond. Judi’s House is also committed to contributing scholarly knowledge about the diverse needs of the bereaved and the impact of varied grief support services through an ongoing, collaborative research initiative with the University of Colorado. By integrating practice, research and community, Judi’s House is in a unique position to create social change around the issue of childhood bereavement and serve as a national leader in the effort to increase access to effective, individualized care for the bereaved. Towards this effort, Judi’s House has recently established the JAG Institute, a center of learning focused on expanding the evaluation, research, training and technology initiatives necessary to successfully disseminate trauma-informed bereavement programs.