Nairobi Community Foundation

About Us

Nairobi Community Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity that enables people like you to establish charitable permanent endowed funds for the benefit of Nairobi city.

A volunteer board of the city citizens together with professionals oversees NACOF. The board has expertise in understanding the city needs. We go beyond simply making grants that advance charitable activities--- we also identify current and emerging issues, mobilize resources to address those needs and help our city prepare for the future.

Giving to Nairobi Community Foundation is simple. Anyone from anywhere in the world may use NACOF to give something to improve the lives of the poor and deprived who live in the city. Assets that you donate to the foundation are used to create one of several types of funds to support your charitable goals. We offer you a full menu of planned giving options to tailor your gift.

You can create a fund in honor of someone you love or to celebrate a special event. You can direct your gift broadly or narrowly to issues you care about or to wherever the needs are greatest. However you give, your gift can change lives---today and in the future.