Pima Prevention Partnership

  • AZ

About Us

Pima Prevention Partnership (PPP) was started in 1992, with a five-year grant from the U.S. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Within 20 years, PPP has grown into a $10 million agency that serves local, state, national, and off-shore customers. Most staff providing direct services to underserved target groups are licensed and certified. Half of PPP’s workforce is bilingual (English/Spanish). Most of the Program Development staff has advanced degrees and hands-on experience with many different cultural groups, including Native Americans and Pacific Islanders.

PPP specializes in serving the underserved. Either directly, with its charter schools, treatment, and family services programs in Tucson and Phoenix or indirectly through writing grants or providing evaluation services for other institutions and non-profits that serve similar target groups across the Nation and in the Pacific Jurisdictions.

PPP provides practical solutions to address social problems on the individual and community level. Drawing from a host of evidence-based practices, PPP serves its many youth and adult constituents with programs that generate significant outcomes. For example, 2012 research on 11 other programs serving similar target groups in the Southwest puts PPP out front when it comes to reducing youth drug use and crime over time. Similarly, its 24-hour Family Strengthening workshops received a national Science and Service award for helping families bond and get along.