Asheville City Schools Foundation

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P.O. Box 3196
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About Us

Our mission is to promote educational success for all Asheville City Schools students by engaging and mobilizing the entire community to support enriching and innovative educational activities.

Our work is informed by these guiding principles:

We value strong public schools and believe our role is to advocate for a quality education for all students.

We value effective teachers and believe that they are one of the most critical factors in determining student success. We work to provide supplemental resources and opportunities that inspire excellence in their profession.

We value equity and the potential of all students and believe we have a specific duty to enhance the academic achievement of those who are struggling the most.

We value diverse community voices, especially those of students and their families and believe that collaborative engagement of the community and schools is necessary to create a vibrant public school system.

We value community investment and believe that our role is to be good stewards of the community's assets.

We are honest, transparent, and accountable.